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Joe Cibere

Joe teaches watercolor workshops monthly at Red Brick Gallery, please click here for more information on his classes and a schedule.

Joe Cibere’s painting style and art demonstrates his love of nature and wilderness.

His "abstract realism" paintings integrate strong design and balance with a sense of illusion and have appeared in "Watercolor Magazine" and in the International Artists book "The Watercolor Sky and Cloud Techniques of 23 International Artists" available at Amazon.com. His work is also part of both corporate and private collections. He teaches at the California Art Institute in Westlake Village, CA  http://www.calartinst.com/ and has been a guest demonstrator at several area art organizations and conducts workshops on watercolor technique throughout the year. Joe has also studied with several acclaimed watercolor artists including: Tony Couch, Nita Engle, Tom Fong, Katherine Ghang Liu, Stephen Quiller and Karen Vernon.


A resident of Thousand Oaks, California for almost 30 years, Joe began commercial art career in the midwest and moved to California where he was a freelance illustrator/designer until 1991. He now works in the advertising marketing business and currently is a partner in Westlake Marketing Works. He has painted in several mediums but the one of choice by far is watercolor because as Joe says, "…it paints itself." He credits his background in commercial art for his watercolor success because of the discipline required.


"The challenge is to know when to stop and let the medium take over. That’s why the most successful paintings seem almost effortless," Joe asserts. "I always look forward to interacting with art patrons and other artists to give feedback about the creative process and affirm that visual expression is one of the great joys in life." 


Pastimes: Joe is an avid outdoor enthusiast who likes to hike and rock-climb. In particular, he is a student and teacher of the “plein air” painting technique: painting on location versus in studio. He also immerses himself in new media techniques to better understand how to apply them as tools to further his art. 


“All art is but imitation of nature.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca c. 4 B.C. – A.D. 65