Acrylics with Jen Livia

All levels are welcome and lots of personal coaching will be provided!

Supplies can also be rented for $15 per class, so if you want to try a new medium this is a great way to do so without investing in all of the supplies. Please arrive 10 minutes early, class will start on time. All class reservations must be paid in advance and cannot be cancelled or changed less than 72 hours prior to class. Sorry, no exceptions.

 If you have ever wanted to try Acrylics but didn't know where to start or have dabbled in Acrylics and need direction these are the class for you.   Each class will have a different focus and a wide variety of samples to inspire you.  We encourage you to explore this fun and unique medium as we learn a variety of techniques that can be applied to any subject.  You can choose to work on a larger painting over a series of classes or work on a new project each week or even start several pieces in one class.  Each class is tailored to the students that come to the session and are great for beginning students and intermediate students who want a more formal art session to explore a more in-depth process of using acrylics.   Check the supply list at the bottom of the page for recommended products and info.

Call the gallery for more information 805-643-6400.  To see more samples of Jen's work please click Jen Livia.       


Pick Your Subject

Saturday, March 4th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Interested in coming all day, give Jen a call 805-827-1095

Choose from any of Jen's painting classes or bring your own inspiration and Jen will lead you to create your own piece of art.  Sometimes we know our schedules don't match up with yours so Jen wanted to offer her students a unique opportunity to create the painting they were wanting to make but missed the class. The sky is the limit, choose from a more traditional landscape to any animal to something more abstract, anything is possible in this class.  Please email the subject you want to paint to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she is read for you.



Skies in Acrylics with Jen Livia

Sunday, March 12th 1pm-4pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to capture color layers to create depth, movement and perspective while painting clouds.  Bring something that inspires you or choose from one of the many samples Jen has.  Clouds make a sunset, sunrise and afternoon sky sing.  Jen will teach you how to paint a variety of layered clouds with paint sketches and we will work on one larger painting. Bring one 8x10 canvas and Jen will provide canvas paper for the paint sketches.


Ventura Waves

Saturday, March 18th 10-1pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint this half underwater and half above world with the iconic pier and crashing wave.  You will learn how to capture a crashing wave, our pier and the glimmer of the sun on the water. In this class you will capture your version of Ventura.


Feather Movement and Magic

Sunday, March 26th 1-4pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to paint soft whimsical feathers.  We will capture movement, and work on fie details in this class. Choose to capture a more realistic feather or one with imaginative creatures added into the mix.  You will learn a variety of textures that help capture the feeling of soft flow and more.


Happy Flowers

Sunday, April 2nd 1-4pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint your own Spring Bouquet, Fun Flower or Landscape with a field of blooms in this happy and colorful class.  There are lots of fun flower styles and types to choose from.  You can bring your own photo or painting as inspiration or choose from the many samples Jen has painted and has on hand. 


Night Watcher

Thursday, April 13th 11-2pm

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to paint the last light of the day as the pelicans fly home for the evening. This painting is all about our local scenery with the silhouetted Channel Islands, vibrant winter sky and local iconic birds.  You are sure to capture a moment of Ventura in this class.  Drawings will be provided to help you create both the silhouetted birds and the focal pelican.



Supply List for all classes:

-Canvas - you pick from either several small pieces that you start for the class, 11x14/ 12x12 standard size to finish in class, or larger to work on beyond 1 class.

-Variety of Flat, Filbert, Round, Angled and Fine Point synthetic brushes (to create smooth blends in your work you must work with synthetic acrylic brushes to produce the best effects)

-Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium

-Paint Golden and Liquitex Brands are recommended (I highly recommend a wide variety of colors, below are a list of some of the must have colors. Stay away from transparent colors)

  • Titanium White
  • Ultramarine Blue, Pthalio Blue, Cobalt Blue (stay away from Primary Blue and Cerulean)
  • Sap Green, Pthalo Green, (Oxide Green for any natural landscapes)
  • Naples Yellow, Hansa Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone (Red and or Magenta)
  • Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber
  • Dioxazine Purple