Class Calendar

Open During Classes or By Appointment, please don't hesitate to give us a call 805-643-6400.


 Tuesday, May 2nd 5:30-8:30pm (class link)

  • Watercolor Flower Creating a Semi-Abstract Floral by Viewing Your Subject Close-Up  Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

 $49each (bring your supplies or rent from us for $15)

By omitting details in a close-up focus view your painting becomes simplified and exciting as you blend realism and abstraction.   You achieve this using shapes, color, values and texture and the end result is always amazing.


Thursday, May 4th  11am-2pm (class link)

  • This and That - A Little Wacky Acrylics with Jen Livia

 $49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Have a little fun with your art and create a painting or two inspired by some fun.  Explore a wide variety of techniques to create the painting of your choosing from Gummy Bears, to Balloon Animals, Marbles and more.  You will learn to capture depth, dimension and add a little shine to your word.



Saturday, May 6th 2-5pm (class link)

  •  Tropical Birds with Phyllis Gubins


Saturday, May 6th 2-5pm


$49 each or $64 w/ supplies


Capture the jungle and the fun fanciful birds who live in it.  Phyllis will walk you through how to paint your own colorful Parrot with style and personality.  This fun class will teach you a variety of techniques including color mixing, wet and wet painting, how to load your brush for easy feathers and more.



Sunday, May 7th 3-5:30pm (class link)

  • Paint and Pints Party at Poseidon Brewery

Pier Colors Paint and a Pint Class

$39 each includes your  1st Pint, Supplies and Instruction

Have a fun afternoon learning to paint your own soft Pier Sunset with a colorful sky and our bold iconic Ventura Pier.  Learn to paint depth in your background and capture our coast.  This class is easier than it looks and Jen will walk you through all of the steps needed to create your own acrylic painting.

No previous experience necessary- WE Promise!


Tuesday, May 9th 5:30-8:30pm (class link)

  • Watercolor Flowers:  Dewdrops on Textured Lotus & Lily Pads

$49each (bring your supplies or rent from us for $15)

Learn how to create the illusion of 3-dimensional water drops on flower petals, leaves and more.  This simple, but stunning technique will make very interesting floral compositions.  This technique is a wonderful illusion that adds dimension and life to your art.


Saturday, May 13th 10am-1pm

$57 includes all supplies

Learn to paint a bold sky with layered clouds and magical light in this class with Tasia.  You will be guided in painting this scene with soft waves, the reflections on the shore and a magical sky.  You will learn to create shape and contour with color and shading as well as adding fun little details that capture the beauty in this scene. Best of all you will leave with a finished painting and lots of new skills. Great for any level of painter, even beginners.



Saturday, May 13th 2-5pm

  • Crashing Waves and Rocks Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Create a layered landscape with soft sky, moving water and crashing waves along a rocky shore.  In this class you will learn a variety of techniques to make a dynamic ocean scene full of movement and depth.


Sunday, May 14th 2-4pm (class link)

 Mother's Day Paint Party Lucky Koi

Sunday, May 14th 2-4pm

$39 each or 2 for $68

Capture a colorful underwater world of fun fish.  Koi are a symbol of love, friendship and good fortune, the koi fish has a powerful and energetic life force, demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents and even travel upstream. We will paint these magical creatures full of color to add a little luck to your home.  Choose the color patterns that are most symbolic to you and the number that will add a little extra fortune to your life.



Saturday, May 20th 9am-12pm (class link)

  • Graphic Touch  Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to transform your landscape paintings into something a little extra magical with some touches of graphic elements and bold lines.  Explore a variety of landscape options from Trees, Waves, Surfers, Tropical Scenes and more.  Jen will teach you the techniques you need to paint your landscape and then add some elements to make it come to life.


Saturday, May 20th 2am-5pm (class link)

  • Ode To Joy

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint the afternoon away with Marco in this undersea adventure.  You will learn to paint depth under the sea with soft waves, shinning light reflections and the deep waters.  Marco will then teach you how to paint these two studding dolphins, bubbles and more.


Sunday, May 21st 1-4pm (class link)

  • Coastal Vineyards in Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Capture our local coastal vineyards full of color in this fun class.  You will learn a variety of techniques that will make perspective, layering to create distance and how to build a dynamic focal point.  Phyllis will help you create something fun and lean a lot along the way.



Tuesday, May 23rd 5:30-8:30pm
(class link)

  • A Summer Meadow Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

 $49each (bring your supplies or rent from us for $15)

You’ll learn to realistically portray the clear, luminous colors and majestic poses of flowers
in a garden.  You’ll layer thin transparent washes on dry surfaces to create luminous colors in your paintings and you’ll add soft backgrounds to give the illusion of a meadow.


Saturday, May 27th 11am-4pm (class link)

  • Glass Mosaics Pick Your Subject $120 each or 2 for $100

In these classes you will create your own glass mosaic on a pre-cut 
wood board. Choose from over 25 
shapes to make your own or create a landscape on one of our square forms.  Some of the forms include dolphin, sea horse, sea shells, 
fish, butterfly, mirror, duck or turtle, surfboard, dragon fly and more . 
You will learn all the steps needed to create your desired stained 
glass mosaic and you will also learn how to incorporate designs 
within your mosaic to make it uniquely yours. You will leave the 
class with a finished piece ready to hang on your wall.


Sunday, May 28th 1pm-4pm (class link)

  • Bees and Butterflies with Shimmering Colors  Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Fly away with the Spring and its Bees and Butterflies in this whimsical class of color and fun.  Learn to create a variety of flowers with the colors of the season, choose your favorite flower or one from our collection.  Top it off with the bug of your choice and its textures.


Monday, May 29th 11am-2pm (class link)

  • Sea Critters of All Kinds Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to paint a Magical Jellyfish, Colorful Octopus, Happy Turtle or Whale's Tail.  Jen will teach you how to realistically capture the Sea Animal of your choosing with both realistic and whimsical elements.  Depending on the animal you choose you will learn to capture eyes, skin/ shell texture, tentacles, moving water and more.  This fun class will challenge you and let you create something magical.


Tuesday, May 30th 5:30-8:30pm (class link)

  • Vibrant Tropicals That Glow Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

 $49each (bring your supplies or rent from us for $15)

In this class you’ll choose from a variety of beautiful tropical flowers, focusing on their velvety petals of darks, lights and details.  You’ll learn how to allow pure color to mingle on the paper and create an amazing kaleidoscope of colors. & we also explore ways to make your backgrounds subtle yet exciting.