Class Calendar

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June 27th 5:30-8:30PM (class link)

  • Tropical Escape Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Escape into a tropical world as you paint a distant sky, rolling surf & a sandy shore with tropical palm trees.  This class is a fun way to take a tropical escape without leaving home.




Saturday, July 1st 11am-5pm (class link)

  • Dancing With The Moon Acrylics with Marco Aguilar

$95 each or $120 with supplies

Marco is most known for his magic capture the creatures of the sea and in this class he will walk you through all of the magic that goes into creating this wonderful painting.  You will learn a variety of techniques to create the reflection in the water above and below the surface as well as the cascading water from the whale's flippers.  Marco will guide you in painting this hero of the ocean with all of his texture and personality. Cast away and enjoy the day painting.



Sunday, July 2nd 2-4pm (class link)

  • Paint Party Musical Reflections and More

$39 each or 2 for $68

Learn to paint your own whimsical reflection painting full of color, trees and a city scape that come together to create an outlined silhouette of a guitar.  Learn to layer colors and textures to capture a vibrant imaginary scene. You can choose your own colors and add your own flair to your painting. What makes our parties unique is that we all start with the same theme, but everyone's piece will turn out different, you really have a chance to make it your own!



Saturday, July 8th 2pm-5pm (class link)

  • Skies and Water in Acrylics with Jen Livia 

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to capture color layers to create depth, movement and perspective while painting clouds and the soft sea.  Bring something that inspires you or choose from one of the many samples Jen has.  Clouds make a sunset, sunrise and afternoon sky sing.  Jen will teach you how to paint a variety of layered clouds with paint sketches a great way to get started with several paintings or choose to work on one larger painting. Bring 2 8x10 canvas or 1 11x14.



Sunday, July 9th 1-4pm (class link)

  • New Mosaic Rocks with Jen and Phyllis

$64 each includes all supplies

Spend the afternoon creating your own garden rock for a your own garden or as a gift.  Select one garden sized rock or two smaller rocks to create a fun creative piece.  You can create any pattern on the rock or covering the rock with hearts, animals, shells and more.  This is a fun and creative class and you will go home with a finished piece.

Great for 1st time students and those who have had other classes.  What makes a better gift than something original and created by you.



July 10-12th 9am-12pm (class link)

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Undersea Worlds, Outer Space and Abstracts MyVentura # 8613

Explore the world above the atmosphere, below and surface of the water and whatever you can imagine in this fun week of camp.  Each day we will focus on a different subject and explore painting, collage, mosaics and event recycled art.  We will have lots of fun and learn a wide variety of techniques along the way.



Tuesday July 11th 5:30-8:30PM (class link)

  • Ventura’s Shorebirds at Sunset Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Capture the serenity of the sea with seagulls or sandpipers & a peaceful and colorful sunset at low tide.  We’ll add the foam of the rolling waves and use wet-in-wet & dry brush to create the special effects of this gorgeous setting.



July 15th 10am- 1pm (class link)

  • Sunflowers Drawing and Colored Pencils with Judith Crowe

$57each includes supplies

Learn layering, burnishing, and impressed-line techniques of drawing with colored pencils. Participants will be able to enjoy drawing and creating art through the clean, light and versatile medium of colored pencil. It is possible to achieve vivid colors and fascinating textures with colored pencil techniques and tools, using various fruits, flowers and more.  Judith will teach you drawing techniques along with how to wok with color and line. This class will focus on this scene of Sunflowers in a copper pot.  The colored pencil on a sanded dark paper shows intense, burnished colors in this work.



Saturday, July 15th 2pm-5pm (class link)

  • Graphic Touch Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to transform your landscape paintings into something a little extra magical with some touches of graphic elements and bold lines.  Explore a variety of landscape options from Trees, Waves, Surfers, Tropical Scenes and more.  Jen will teach you the techniques you need to paint your landscape and then add some elements to make it come to life.




July 17th- 19th 9am-12pm (class link) 

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Furry Friends MyVentura # 8614 

Learn to paint all types of furry animals including cats, dogs, zebras, otters, lions and more in this fun 3 day of creativity.  You will learn to paint with watercolors, acrylics, pastels and more as we explore a wide variety of critters.  The last day of class we will even create something with your own pet's image (bring an 8x10 print out of your pets).


Tuesday July 18th 5:30-8:30PM (class link)

  • Crashing Waves and Rocks Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Create a layered landscape with a soft sky, moving water and crashing waves along a rocky shore.  In this class you will learn a variety of techniques to make a dynamic ocean scene full of movement and depth.



Saturday, July 22nd 10am-1pm (class link)

  • Gauguin's Tahitian Landscape Pastels with Tasia Erickson

$57 includes all supplies

Capture this Old Master's vibrant Tahitian Landscape in pastels in this fun class with Tasia.  You will learn a variety of new techniques to capture distance, layers of color and more. You will learn to create shape and contour with color and shading as well as adding fun little details that capture the beauty in this scene. Best of all you will leave with a finished painting and lots of new skills. Great for any level of painter, even beginners.



Saturday, July 22nd 2-5pm (class link)

  • Forest Light Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to capture a radiant light exploding from the background of this forest scene.  You will learn to layer with light and how to balance colors to capture depth and space.  Add a little splatter of colors and fuzzed edges to create the illusion of leaves.



 Sunday, July 23rd 1-4pm (class link)

  • Paint Your Pup Paint Party

$55 each, limited to 14 people


Eventbrite - April Pet Painting Party

Please send us the picture you would like to paint of you dog by July 20th so we can draw it on the canvas for you.

You will learn to paint a whimsical semi-realistic painting of your pup in acrylics in this fun paint party.  You choose the image of their face and we will draw it on the canvas for you.  This will be a fun party of painting where Jen will guide you in painting your own acrylic.  You will create contours to give depth and add sparkle to their eye.


July 24-26th 9am-12pm (class link) 

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Fun and Funky Art - Pop Art, Pointillism and Picasso, Recycled Art and More MyVentura # 8615

We will explore a wide variety of classical and funky styles including Pop Art, Pointillism, Picasso to create our own version of these styles.  We will even create a recycled mural with lots of fun and funky things found in our trash.



Tuesday July 25th 5:30-8:30PM (class link)

  • Summer Seashells & Sea Glass on the Shore Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies
Texturing, under-painting and highlighting will be the focus as we explore the novelty uses of various supplies to create wonderful realism in this Seashell Still Life. You will learn to create shape and texture of the beautiful shells and sea glass with the use of glazing, shadows & spattering & a variety of other techniques.



Saturday, July 29th 10am - 1pm (class link)

  • Zentangle 2 - Drawing with Tasia Erickson

$54 each includes all supplies

Maybe your Zen Doodle for relaxation, maybe its a kind of meditation. Learn artful doodling with Tasia in this fun class with creative shapes and textures.  You will learn how to create your own unique doodle and inspire you to create your own at home. You will learn shading, structure, how to create textures and then how to combine all of the elements to create something interesting.  They look more complicated than they are and are the most fun you will have drawing.



Saturday, July 29th 2-5pm (class link)

  • Lino and Mono Printing - Pick your Subject Workshop

$57 each No Experience Required. All Supplies Included

This class is a fun day of carving, stamping and art making.  You will learn all the techniques to create your own lino cut stamp, how to ink it and create several of your own mono-prints with a wide variety of colors.  

The subject of your lino is wide open to a variety of topics such as flowers, koi, seashells, sea creatures, landscapes and more. Choose from one of our patterns or bring your own graphic picture and we will help you turn it into your own cration. The possibilities are endless.


July 31st - Aug 2nd (class link) 

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Seascapes, Landscapes, Trees, Mountains and more MyVentura # 8616

Learn to turn what you see in a photo into a painting in this week's camp.  We will work on several mini projects that will let you learn to create a variety of landscapes from the mountains to the coast.



Tuesday August 1st 5:30-8:30PM (class link)

  • Paint a sailboat on a rolling ocean Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn how to paint water and wind in order to create the special effects in this sailboat painting. We will use most of the special effects techniques you’ve learned to create this beautiful coastal scene. 



Saturday, August 5th 1-4pm (class link)

  • Shore Birds Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Explore a variety of fun techniques in this class all about the birds along the shore.  You will learn how to layer feathers crating textures with shading, color variation and masking.  Learn to capture depth and dimension of your chosen bird.  Pick between an Egret, Heron, Pelican or Plover.



Saturday, August 5th 6-8pm (class link)

  • Paint Party Jelly Magic

$39 each or 2 for $68

Have a fun afternoon learning to paint your own Jellyfish surrounded by a colorful magic undersea nebula.  Learn to paint depth in your background, colorful Jellyfish and all of his tentacles.  This class is easier than it looks and Jen will walk you through all of the steps needed to create your own acrylic painting.



August 7th- 9th (class link)  

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Little of Everything MyVentura # 8617 M-W

This week of class is full of exploration, those kids who have attended other weeks of class will get to explore their favorite subjects in more depth.  They can choose what subjects they want to work with and Jen will teach them a variety of techniques to capture these ideas in art.  Students will explore any medium from watercolors, acrylics, pastels, sculpture and event mixed media.



Saturday, August 12th 10am-1pm (class link)

  • Cascading Falls Pastels with Tasia Erickson

$57 includes all supplies

Capture a unique perspective and almost dream like scene in this class with Tasia.  She will walk you through how to create a dynamic landscape with distant mountains, fluffy clouds and cascading falls.  This class will give you a different look at landscapes and you will learn a wide variety of skills that can be applied to various paintings.



Saturday, August 12th 2-5pm (class link)

  • Mini Paintings and Painting on Wood Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to create your own mini works of art, we will focus on a variety of landscapes local and tropical, as well as florals and even abstracts.  You can learn to paint these fun little creations on canvas or wood but please bring along 2-3 small pieces ready to paint (5x7, 5x5, 4x6 or your choice) and we will explore a variety of fun creations full of color and magic.   This is a fun class where you can really try some new ideas without committing to a large painting, this is great to try something new and Jen will help guide you through the steps.  Wood is a fun alternative surface to paint on with has a unique texture so if you have any small pieces available this is a fun time to bring it to paint with.


Saturday, August 19th 11am-5pm (class link)

  • Seasons of Change Acrylics with Marco Aguilar

$95 each or $120 with supplies

Capture the whole year's worth of beauty in this one painting as you learn a variety of techniques to capture life in the whole year through.  Marco's magic will help you capture a unique scene and inspire you to paint more.



Thursday, August 24th 11am-2pm (class link)

  • Animals of All Kinds Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to paint any animal you can imagine, Jen will walk you through how to create the magic and sparkle in the animals eye, the contours of their structure, fur, details and more.  Jen has samples of horses, safari critters, sea animals, your pet and more.   Pick from her ideas or bring your own inspiration.





Saturday, Sept 2nd 11am-4pm (class link)

  • Glass Mosaics Pick Your Subject $120 each or 2 for $200

In these classes you will create your own glass mosaic on a pre-cut 
wood board. Choose from over 25 
shapes to make your own or create a landscape on one of our square forms.  Some of the forms include dolphin, sea horse, sea shells, 
fish, butterfly, mirror, duck or turtle, surfboard, dragon fly and more . 
You will learn all the steps needed to create your desired stained 
glass mosaic and you will also learn how to incorporate designs 
within your mosaic to make it uniquely yours. You will leave the 
class with a finished piece ready to hang on your wall.



Sunday, September, 3rd 2-4pm (class link)

  • Paint Party Tropical Heat

$39 each or 2 for $68

Escape from the normal colors of landscapes and be bold with your colors in this vibrant and dramatic class all about tropical places.  Learn to paint a hot sunset or cool day scene filled with things that resemble your last vacation.  You will learn all of the steps to create this vibrant scene with bold silhouettes and soft waters.



Sept. 7th 11am-2pm (class link)

  • Paint Your Zen, Summer Flowers, Buddha and More Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to paint a Zen experience with your choice of happy Buddha or summer flowers from a photo or another painting sample. You will learn how to create depth, layering and more in your painting as you paint your own version of a zen setting realistic or abstract.