Class Calendar

Open During Classes or By Appointment, please don't hesitate to give us a call 805-643-6400.


Tuesday, May 30th 5:30-8:30pm (class link)

  • Vibrant Tropicals That Glow Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

 $49each (bring your supplies or rent from us for $15)

In this class you’ll choose from a variety of beautiful tropical flowers, focusing on their velvety petals of darks, lights and details.  You’ll learn how to allow pure color to mingle on the paper and create an amazing kaleidoscope of colors. & we also explore ways to make your backgrounds subtle yet exciting.



Saturday, June 3rd 10-1 (class link)

  • Incoming Storm Acrylic with Marco

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Capture an incoming storm with drama. Marco will walk you through painting this dynamic scene with stormy clouds, sparkling water, cluster of birds, sailing boat and crash of lightening. There are lots of great techniques you will learn as you paint with Marco.



Saturday, June 3rd 2-5pm (class link)

  • Old Wold European Doors and Windows - Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Explore textures, shadows, depth, perspective a you learn to paint Old World doors and windows in this fun afternoon class.  We will paint several mini pieces or one larger one using a variety of techniques including glazing, wet-into-wet, lifting and more. Create the sun soaked buildings, reflection in the windows, wooden shutters and a variety of foliage. This will be a fun class with lots of new learning opportunities.



Saturday, June 10th 10am-1pm (class link)

  • Grand Landscapes Pastels with Tasia Erickson

$57 includes all supplies

Create a glowing grand landscape by Mike Svob.  Tasia will guide you in painting this scene full of glowing magic, she will teach you to create perspective in your painting with water reflections, bold colors and interesting shapes.  You will learn to create shape and contour with color and shading as well as adding fun little details that capture the beauty in this scene. Best of all you will leave with a finished painting and lots of new skills. Great for any level of painter, even beginners.



Saturday, June 10th 2-5pm (class link)

  • Transform Your Photo Into A Painting Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 with supplies

This is a great class where you can bring your own inspiration or choose from one of Jen's many samples and she will teach you how to transform a photo or a few into a magical painting.  Choose form any subject that inspires you to create. Jen will teach you the various techniques you need to create your painting.  The sky is the limit, choose from a more traditional landscape to any animal to something more abstract, anything is possible in this class.  Please email the subject you want to paint to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she is read for you.



Sunday, June 11th 1-4pm (class link)

  • Sandy Gathering - Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Splatter, flick, mask and glaze your way to create a natural sandy nest for your sparkling sea glass and textured shells.  You will learn a variety of tips that will make all of these elements fun and exciting as you learn to paint your own beach collection. 



Thursday, June 15th 11am-2pm (class link)

  • Tropical Escape - Lazy Days - Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint this escape into a tropical world with Phyllis as you learn to paint a distant sky, translucent water, sandy shore and 2 focal palm trees.  This class is a fun way to take a tropical escape without leaving home.  Bring masking fluid and stiff tooth brush to help add textured to your beach and tree.



Thursday, June 15th 11am-2pm  (class link)

  • Tropical Escape - Lazy Days Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint your own escape into a tropical world with Jen as you learn to paint a distant sky, reflecting water, and a few focal palm trees.  This class is a fun way to take a tropical escape without leaving home.  Choose your favorite escape and add your own flair.



Saturday, June 17th 11am-4pm (class link)

  • Glass Mosaics Pick Your Subject $120 each or 2 for $100

In these classes you will create your own glass mosaic on a pre-cut 
wood board. Choose from over 25 
shapes to make your own or create a landscape on one of our square forms.  Some of the forms include dolphin, sea horse, sea shells, 
fish, butterfly, mirror, duck or turtle, surfboard, dragon fly and more . 
You will learn all the steps needed to create your desired stained 
glass mosaic and you will also learn how to incorporate designs 
within your mosaic to make it uniquely yours. You will leave the 
class with a finished piece ready to hang on your wall.



Sunday, June 18th 2-4 pm (class link)

  • Wave Rider Father's Day Paint Party

$39 each or 2 for $68

Learn to paint this whimsical painting full of color and movement.  You will learn to paint a cresting wave with sun reflections and surfer silhouette in this fun paint party.  Choose your color palette and paint the afternoon away.  Great class for anyone in any skill level, we will provide a template for the surfer to help you paint the silhouette.



Saturday, June 24th 2-5pm (class link)

  • Bubbles the Turtle - Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to paint this half under / half above water scene with crashing wave, bubbles and baby turtle.  Jen will walk you through how to paint the various layers in this painting that help it come to life and have a real depth.  You will love painting this cute picture and go home with your own.



Sunday, June 25th 1-4pm (class link)

  • Watercolor on Canvas - Sea Critters with Phyllis Gubins

$59 each (includes watercolor canvas) or $69 with all supplies

Painting on canvas with watercolors allows you to create a unique look combining some watercolor techniques and acrylic techniques.  In this class Phyllis will walk you through all of the fun things you can do to paint your own sea creature.  You can really paint almost anything on canvas and Phyllis will show you how, plus she will have canvas pre-treated so they are ready to paint on.