Class Calendar

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Saturday, March 25th 10-1pm

  • Creating Glimmering Sunsets and Magical Beach Scenes in Watercolors with Joe Cibere

$54 each (class link)

Join Joe in exploring how you can create a variety of light in your watercolor beach scenes.  You will work on creating radiating light for luminous sunrises and sun sets and how to create a focal glow with your skies.  Joe will take you through a variety of exercises to loosen you up and then walk you through how to paint your own fresh and exciting sea-scape.  Bring a large sheet of watercolor paper along with several smaller sketch pieces of watercolor paper.  This will be a fun and freeing class.


Sunday, March 26th 1-4pm

  • Feather Movement and Magic in Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins (class link)
  • Feather Movement and Magic
    in Acrylics with Jen Livia (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to paint soft whimsical feathers.  We will capture movement, and work on fie details in this class. Choose to capture a more realistic feather or one with imaginative creatures added into the mix.  You will learn a variety of textures that help capture the feeling of soft flow and more.


March 30th 6-8:30pm (class link)

  • Beach Dogs Paint and Sip at Four Brix Winery

$43 each Glass of Wine & all supplies Included

Join Four Brix Winery and Red Brick Gallery for a fun evening where great wine and fun painting come together.

Escape to the beach with your best friend in this fun paint party, you will capture our local coast with a variety of colors, soft reflections, islands in the distant and sand so soft you can touch.  We will then add in some of your own furry friends watching the water.  We will bring along several animal shapes that you can choose to put into your painting. You can choose your own colors and add your own flair to your painting. What makes our parties unique is that we all start with the same theme, but everyone's piece will turn out different, you really have a chance to make it your own!



Saturday, April 1st 2-5pm (class link)

  • New Mosaic Rocks 

$64 each includes all supplies

Spend the afternoon creating your own garden rock for a your own garden or as a gift.  Select one garden sized rock or two smaller rocks to create a fun creative piece.  You can create any pattern on the rock or covering the rock with hearts, animals, shells and more.  This is a fun and creative class and you will go home with a finished piece.

Great for 1st time students and those who have had other classes.  What makes a better gift than something original and created by you.


Sunday, April 2nd 1-4pm (class link)

  • Happy Flowers in Acrylics with Jen Livia Join Class

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint your own Spring Bouquet, Fun Flower or Landscape with a field of blooms in this happy and colorful class in Acrylics.  There are lots of fun flower styles and types to choose from.  You can bring your own photo or painting as inspiration or choose from the many samples Jen has painted and has on hand. 


Sunday, April 2nd 1-4pm (class link)

  • Happy Flowers in Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins Joint Class

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint your own Spring Bouquet, Fun Flower or Landscape with a field of blooms in this happy and colorful class in watercolors.  There are lots of fun flower styles and types to choose from.  You can bring your own photo or painting as inspiration or choose from the many samples Phyllis has painted in Watercolors. 




Saturday, April 8th 10am-1pm (class link)

  • Night Scene in Pastels with Tasia Erickson

$57 includes all supplies

Capture the evening light in this abstract moonscape full of color and movement. Tasia will guide you in painting this scene with a hazy moon, city-scape, tree and clouds.  You will learn to create shape and contour with color and shading as well as adding fun little details that capture the essence of this iconic painting by Tom Brown. Best of all you will leave with a finished painting and lots of new skills. Great for any level of painter, even beginners.



Saturday, April 8th 2-5:30pm

  • Paint Your Pup Paint Party

$69 each, limited to 14 people

Eventbrite - April Pet Painting Party

Please send us the picture you would like to paint of you dog by March29th so we can draw it on the canvas for you.

You will learn to paint a whimsical semi-realistic painting of your pup in acrylics in this fun paint party.  You choose the image of their face and we will draw it on the canvas for you.  This will be a fun party of painting where Jen will guide you in painting your own acrylic.  You will create contours to give depth and add sparkle to their eye.


Sunday, April 9th 1-4pm

  • Bookmarks and Mini Paintings in Acrylics with Jen and Watercolors with Phyllis 

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies (Acrylic class link)  (Watercolor class link)

Have a fun afternoon painting several mini paintings and bookmarks. Choose from landscapes, flowers, critters and more, these little paint sketches are a great way to free your painting.  This is a great way to try something new and try lots of different ideas.



Thursday, April 13th 3-6pm (class link)

  • Night Watcher 

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to paint the last light of the day as the pelicans fly home for the evening. This painting is all about our local scenery with the silhouetted Channel Islands, vibrant winter sky and local iconic birds.  You are sure to capture a moment of Ventura in this class.  Drawings will be provided to help you create both the silhouetted birds and the focal pelican.


Friday, April 21st 11-2pm

$49 each Gesso and Paint Included

Bring your fun and funky collection of things you want to re-vamp and add some magic to.  Jen can teach you to paint on ANYTHING from a table to a birdhouse, to an old candle holder, clothing and more.  Acrylics can paint onto anything and Jen can help you design your project, teach you how to prime it, paint on it and what you can use to seal it to last.  This is a fun and little different class where you can really paint on anything you like. If you have any pre-class questions please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


April 22nd 1-4pm

  • Blue Bird Colored Pencil Class with Judith Crowe (class link)

$57each includes supplies

Learn layering, burnishing, and impressed-line techniques of colored pencil. Participants will be able to enjoy drawing and creating art through the clean, light and versatile medium of colored pencil. It is possible to achieve vivid colors and fascinating textures with colored pencil techniques and tools, using various fruits, flowers, or common items as the subject matter.

April 29th 10am-1pm (class link)

  • Last Light in Acrylics with Marco Aguilar

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Capture the end of the day along the beach in this fun morning with Marco.  You will create that moment when the sun sinks behind the clouds and kisses the sea and its reflection across the world.



Saturday April 29th 2-5pm

  • The Magical World Under the Sea and a Sassy Swimming Seahorse (class link)

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

You’ll create an amazing underwater seascape and explore a variety of watercolor techniques as you add coral reefs, sparkling flowing waters and a variety of sea life and vegetation for this precious seahorse’s authentic environment.



Sunday, April 30th 1-4pm (class link)

  • Trees and the Forest in Acrylics with Jen Livia

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Learn to capture depth and how to layer elements in your tree landscapes to create a variety of interest points and a little magic.  Choose from several samples to get your creative juices flowing or bring a picture of our favorite forest for inspiration.  You will learn to create color layers, light windows, perspective and a focal point as you paint the Trees and the forest.