Colored Pencils with Phil Zubiate

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Winter Barn in Colored Pencil with Icarus Board 

Wednesday, January 24th 6-9pm

$64 includes all supplies

This class will focus on a snow covered mountain, stormy sky and vibrant red barn.

Learn basic colored pencil skills using the Icarus Board as you learn layering, burnishing, and a variety of techniques of drawing with colored pencils.  Phil will discuss the Icarus board, the hot and cold sides and how to use them, then he will go over the wax based colored pencils and what to expect by using the Prismacolored pencils on the Icarus Board.

Discover colors and how to mix and layer them to achieve the proper hues. He will cover the pressure needed to mix and burnish the colors and get that photographic look.  With Phil's system beginners or professionals can follow along and discover how I see colors and how he makes colors.  This class is to enjoy and learn about a new tool to use with wax base tools. 




Crab on a Dish in Colored Pencil with Icarus Board
Wednesday, February 28th 6-9pm

$64 includes all supplies
With this drawing the class will use the Icarus board (a cold and hot system) to complete the crab using a blending of colors to achieve the effect of a rough and smooth surface on the crab. Where the plate (students will not draw) in the background is left in black and white to allow the crab to stand out, and when finished to have a realism look. The colored pencils used in the class are premier Prismacolor, a wax based pencil with very soft lead. First the colors will be applied on the paper on the cool side are put down loosely to cover the crab, then the magic begins, moving the paper (Canson Bristol-96 lb) to the heated side of the Icarus board they will melt and blend very easy and saturate the paper hiding the texture of 
the paper. The uniqueness of the Icarus board is you can explore with the color pencils and come out with a pastel, watercolor painting finish.





Phil Zubiate

It has always been one of my passions to have my art shown at a gallery or in a magazine, to give patrons a chance to see my artwork and if for a moment while looking at my work they can escape to places off the beaten path and enjoy.  This is my challenge for the present, I've taken photographs for many years, and have put them on a hard drive to easily view them. Now finally I have found my own photographic images that are worthy to be my voice to the ART WORLD!

All my art pieces that I draw for the Color Pencil Society of America are 100% color pencils. I must say I enjoy using Prismacolor Soft Core pencils on all my art projects, I always get the desired results I need. When asked if I use solvents to blend my colors, I reply no! When asked if I have found something new to blend my colors and still create lots of layers, I say Yes! I have started to use the Icarus Board designed by a fellow CP artist Ester Roi. But who knows one day I may venture out of my comfort zone and use other tools.