Kids Art Classes

To register please call the city of Ventura at 658-4726 or use this link click on Capturing Color Classes on page 6 under Camps.

  All kids classes go through the City of Ventura and the My Ventura publication. If you are having difficulties registering please give us a call at 805-827-1095.





New Fun Classes for Kids 8-18 with Artist and Instructor Jen Livia - Jen loves to help inspire and foster creativity in her youth classes, she will teach a variety of techniques in each class and allow the kids to really make the paintings their own and explore their own style of creativity.

Each class can be modified to the age of the kids in class, the older kids will make more advanced paintings while the younger kids will still be able to finish but not as complicated. Samples and guided step by step instruction will be given with lots of room for individual creativity.  All classes are in acrylics and elements from each class will build on to the next.


NEW!!!! Capturing Color Youth Summer Art Camp

Mon -Wed 9-12 $120 week includes supplies or

3 weeks for $300

6 weeks for $600

To register please call the city of Ventura at 658-4726.

8-16 yrs old

Spend your summer making art and learning how to turn your vision into reality.  Each day student’s will explore a different artist, art movement or theme and learn to create their own masterpiece in relation to what we learn about.  This class will push the student’s creativity and understanding of art into a new direction.  Students will learn to work in a variety of mediums including Watercolors, Acrylics, Pencils, Mixed Media, Print Making, Mosaics and Sculpture.  No previous art experience needed, bring a snack to keep you energized.


June 26-28th 9am-12pm class registration link

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Wild Animals MyVentura # 8612  Students 8-15.

Learn to create a variety of paintings, drawings and mixed media pieces featuring your choice of wild animals.  Each day we will focus on a different type of wild critter from Africa, the Deep Sea and the farm.  Each student can pick which animals they are most inspired by and will learn how to create an art piece focusing on these critters.


July 10-12th 9am-12pm class registration link

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Undersea Worlds, Outer Space and Abstracts MyVentura # 8613

Explore the world above the atmosphere, below and surface of the water and whatever you can imagine in this fun week of camp.  Each day we will focus on a different subject and explore painting, collage, mosaics and event recycled art.  We will have lots of fun and learn a wide variety of techniques along the way.


July 17th- 19th 9am-12pm class registration link

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Furry Friends MyVentura # 8614

Learn to paint all types of furry animals including cats, dogs, zebras, otters, lions and more in this fun 3 day of creativity.  You will learn to paint with watercolors, acrylics, pastels and more as we explore a wide variety of critters.  The last day of class we will even create something with your own pet's image (bring an 8x10 print out of your pets).


July 24-26th 9am-12pm  class registration link

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Fun and Funky Art - Pop Art, Pointillism and Picasso, Recycled Art and More MyVentura # 8615

We will explore a wide variety of classical and funky styles including Pop Art, Pointillism, Picasso to create our own version of these styles.  We will even create a recycled mural with lots of fun and funky things found in our trash.


July 31st - Aug 2nd class registration link

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Seascapes, Landscapes, Trees, Mountains and more MyVentura # 8616

Learn to turn what you see in a photo into a painting in this week's camp.  We will work on several mini projects that will let you learn to create a variety of landscapes from the mountains to the coast.


August 7th- 9th class registration link

  • Kids Art Camp with Jen Livia Little of Everything MyVentura # 8617 M-W

This week of class is full of exploration, those kids who have attended other weeks of class will get to explore their favorite subjects in more depth.  They can choose what subjects they want to work with and Jen will teach them a variety of techniques to capture these ideas in art.  Students will explore any medium from watercolors, acrylics, pastels, sculpture and event mixed media.