Watercolor Workshops with Phyllis Gubins

Spend a fun day learning how to capture the world in watercolors as you paint your very own piece.  In each class you will finish one painting of the given subject, all levels are welcome and lots of personal coaching will be provided. NO DRAWING SKILLS NEEDED! Drawings for All Subjects provided in Class.

All Workshops are limited to 8 students, sign up early to reserve you seat. Call the gallery for more information 805-643-6400! To see additional samples of Phyllis' work art please click here.

Please arrive 10 minutes early, class will start on time. All class reservations must be paid in advance and cannot be cancelled or changed less than 72 hours prior to class. Sorry, no exceptions.                  


Dancing White Cockatoo with Attitude   

Tuesday, Jan 16th 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

He knows he is beautiful and he loves to show off. We will paint him in all his glory using transparent watercolors and add an interesting background.


Peacock with Shimmering Feathers

Tuesday, Jan 23rd 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

The luminosity of their feathers appear to gradually change colors as we look at them from different angels and we will explore various methods to paint their elegance.


Winter Wonderlands

Sunday, January 28th 11am-2pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

We will create several 20 minute landscapes during this class where you will be able to explore several techniques including wet-in-wet, splatter, scraping, masking and more.


Tropical Parrots & Big Macaws

Tuesday, January 30th 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

These are the Rainforest Beauties that artists love to paint. We will detail their bright, rainbows of feathers with soft and bold watercolor techniques.



Sparkling White Egrets

Tuesday, February 6th 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

These are our local shorebirds and they will be wonderful subjects to apply a variety of watercolor procedures such as masking, wet-on wet, negative painting and glazing.


Winter’s Poinsettia

Saturday, February 10th 10am-1pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

While most people think of flowers blooming in the spring, there are some beautiful winter plants that can provide subject matter for your painting in the wintertime, too. One favorite is the poinsettia painted in a realist style or close-cropped and loosely painted making it look like a firey geometric star.



Tropical Toucan on Watch

Tuesday, February 13th 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

This is the most unusual yet colorful bird of the tropics and we will paint him in his natural environment as we experiment with new techniques.



Capture the Beauty of Nature ’s Winter Birds

Sunday, February 18th 11am-2pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Choose either a beautiful, fluffy red Cardinal or a bright Blue Jay as your subject sitting on a snow-covered branch with falling snow in the background.



Tuesday, February 20th 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

These could be called the clowns of the big bird species.  Their silly expressions will make anyone smile and we will have fun as we portray their images.



Tuesday, February 27th 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Tall, peach colored and elegant, this bird is so beautiful and unique. We will paint  them feeding at the shore in their tropical home.




The Lone Owl

Tuesday, March 6th 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Always watching with those huge brown eyes, we rarely encounter this nocturnal bird but we will enjoy their company  through photos as we paint their feathered fluffiness.



Hummingbirds In Motion

Sunday, March 4th 11am-2pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

We’ll take our art inspiration from one of nature’s smallest creatures that fly. Rarely will you see them sitting still, so we will re-create their fluttering movements as they fly freely in the air & we’ll paint them in the lustrous colors of the rainbow.