Watercolors Workshops with Phyllis Gubins

Spend a fun day learning how to capture the world in watercolors as you paint your very own piece.  In each class you will finish one painting of the given subject, all levels are welcome and lots of personal coaching will be provided. NO DRAWING SKILLS NEEDED! Drawings for All Subjects provided in Class.

All Workshops are limited to 8 students, sign up early to reserve you seat. Call the gallery for more information 805-643-6400! To see additional samples of Phyllis' work art please click here.

Please arrive 10 minutes early, class will start on time. All class reservations must be paid in advance and cannot be cancelled or changed less than 72 hours prior to class. Sorry, no exceptions.            

Feather Movement and Magic

Sunday, March 26th 1-4pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to paint soft whimsical feathers.  We will capture movement, and work on fie details in this class. Choose to capture a more realistic feather or one with imaginative creatures added into the mix.  You will learn a variety of textures that help capture the feeling of soft flow and more.



Happy Flowers in Watercolors with Phyllis

Sunday, April 2nd 1-4pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint your own Spring Bouquet, Fun Flower or Landscape with a field of blooms in this happy and colorful class in watercolors.  There are lots of fun flower styles and types to choose from.  You can bring your own photo or painting as inspiration or choose from the many samples Phyllis has painted in Watercolors. 



Bookmarks and Mini Paintings

Sunday, April 9th 1-4pm

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Have a fun afternoon painting several mini paintings and bookmarks. Choose from landscapes, flowers, critters and more, these little paint sketches are a great way to free your painting.  This is a great way to try something new and try lots of different ideas.



The Magical World Under the Sea and a Sassy Swimming Seahorse

Saturday April 29th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

You’ll create an amazing underwater seascape and explore a variety of watercolor techniques as you add coral reefs, sparkling flowing waters and a variety of sea life and vegetation for this precious seahorse’s authentic environment.



Crashing Waves and Rocks

Saturday, May 13th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Create a layered landscape with soft sky, moving water and crashing waves along a rocky shore.  In this class you will learn a variety of techniques to make a dynamic ocean scene full of movement and depth.


Bees and Butterflies with Shimmering Colors 

Sunday, May 28th 1pm-4pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Fly away with the Spring and its Bees and Butterflies in this whimsical class of color and fun.  Learn to create a variety of flowers with the colors of the season, choose your favorite flower or one from our collection.  Top it off with the bug of your choice and its textures.


Old Wold European Doors and Windows

Saturday, June 3rd 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Explore textures, shadows, depth, perspective a you learn to paint Old World doors and windows in this fun afternoon class.  We will paint several mini pieces or one larger one using a variety of techniques including glazing, wet-into-wet, lifting and more. Create the sun soaked buildings, reflection in the windows, wooden shutters and a variety of foliage. This will be a fun class with lots of new learning opportunities.


Tropical Escape - Lazy Days

Thursday, June 15th 11am-2pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Paint this escape into a tropical world with Phyllis as you learn to paint a distant sky, translucent water, sandy shore and 2 focal palm trees.  This class is a fun way to take a tropical escape without leaving home.  Bring masking fluid and stiff tooth brush to help add textured to your beach and tree.