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Phyllis Gubins


Click Here to see Custom Animals by Phyllis Gubins

Phyllis teaches classes every month at Red Brick Gallery in Watercolor, please click here for a schedule of classes.

Animals embody happiness and love and have always have been a very important part of my life.  Years ago I realized that I had the ability to capture their true lovable personality and spirit through my paintings. It was then that my love of creating art truly escalated and it really began flowing when I discovered  watercolor.   Watercolor is fascinating, unpredictable and so exciting to work with.  It has an intriguing way of being mystical and soft while also being vibrant and dramatic, and that can be all in one painting.  It is the perfect medium for me!

Animals come in all sizes, shapes and colors. My subject matter is endless. Some have fur and four legs, others feathers and two legs, and some scales and no legs at all. Frequently my paintings are very fanciful and quite colorful, I do love color; and they are my loose interpretation of reality.

Other times they are very natural and realistic.  

The animals I portray all have a story to tell and I try to convey their spirit, their energy and their personalities, along with a bit of my own personal, whimsical  humor.  I strive to make you smile! Dogs and cats are my very favorite subjects; in fact I admit that I am a bit obsessed with dogs.  But I really enjoy painting my wildlife and ocean friends too. What a gift it is to me to be able to paint someone’s s beloved pet and give them a remembrance they will treasure. 

I hope you enjoy my furry, feathered and finned friends.  

Phyllis and her daughter Jen are the owners of the Red Brick Gallery, which opened Dec. 2006 in Downtown Ventura. Their dream for years was to own a gallery where they could sell their art, as well as give a variety of artists they enjoy the opportunity to have a place to sell their work.  Red Brick Gallery features over 200 emerging and mid-career artists who have not yet acquired mainstream exposure, while we providing visitors with an enjoyable art experience. The girls strive to create an environment that is stimulating and unique; where the public can appreciate and purchase artworks from a variety of unique artists.  After graduating from SET and Enrolling in Thrive and 5 the gallery has been able to grow creating a variety of new art opportunities for themselves and other local artists with new art classes and their own art festival Paint Ventura. 





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